Album Review: Lorde- Melodrama [2017]

So let’s dive into it. Here is my first impression of each song on this album, on first listen.

  1. Green Light

First single, pop song. Designed for radio. A necessity for any pop artist but it still sets the pace. It’s nice to see it’s the first song on here and easy to skip. Which is a good thing because I’ve already played it to death. This song kicks things off with a loss, the loss of a ‘significant other’ and not being able to get that one person out of your mind, running around a city, chasing highs. The green light here is not a “yes” it’s not “come back” it’s the struggle to move on. The struggle of being stuck at an orange light because, on some level, everything that has happened thus far can’t possibly have led to this moment.

Green light is a song about going on bender after bender to ease the pain and realising that no matter how high you get, how many amazing moments we muster: things still don’t change but we keep doing it since there really isn’t any other option. It’s about going through the motions, doing all the things that you think will make you happy. No, things don’t feel right and it feels like it will never will be right again. It’s not a replacement that is being sought after but that very human ‘feel good’ feelin’ that just eludes us.

Oh and the whispering into the dark. Screaming into the void, partial truths and convoluted words hoping that the suffering and longing makes it way back to…

  1. Sober

So you’ve had your bender. Snorted, smoked, fucked, drank and dropped everything you could get your hands on. Searched high and low for a way out. The green light isn’t ever really found, not like this anyway. You’ve lived out the mini life-cycle of a party where you are born in the beginning of the night and everything is exciting, drama unfolds and then you’ve come back down.

Nothing’s changed.

None of the epiphany moments you had the night before mean anything. If anything they feel like lies you keep telling yourself. So in sobriety we only have one conclusion and that is things were better before. Falling for someone beyond being infatuated with them is a high you just can’t emulate. “Ain’t a pill that could touch our rush”. As a punch line to the ideas presented here it’s a line designed to taunt, mourn and understand all in one breath.

  1. Homemade Dynamite

Oh look! We found a friend. Temporary? Probably. ‘Dranks’ and little nuggets of understanding but let’s face it: This is all still not what we are after so things explode pretty quickly. They understand our predicament but we remain emotionally detached. We’ve been cheated so we’re stooping down to their level and we’re blowing crap up everywhere we go. It’s childish but there is fun in the chaos. I don’t understand what dynamite is to Elle, but little white lies have already been alluded to in ‘Green light’ so I’m going to guess there’s a lot more of that in here.

  1. The Louvre

Well someone caught their reflection when they didn’t expect to. So lets channel all this into something productive. We’ll make people dance to our feels. It won’t be front and centre but it’s still got merit. I guess we go alright.

  1. Liability

Finally. The truth: “I miss you babe.” An understanding that we find solace in. There’s nothing to read into here. This song is just honest. We have proved to ourselves we can have fun, it wasn’t the problem. It was maybe just too much, too soon.

  1. Hard Feelings / Loveless

I cried here. Just a little on the outside, a lot more on the inside. This is the song where you close your eyes and do a little interpretive dance like an idiot in your room. This is a song you feel, not understand. This is the point in the album where you realise the crap that runs through your mind isn’t unique. You aren’t alone, it’s the times, people still aren’t sure how to love in this new world.

  1. Sober II (Melodrama)

Oh look. Nothing’s changed. After all that searching. Maybe a slightly different perspective but… well, the stories are something else at this point huh? It means everything and nothing. It all feels a little melodramatic now. A bit pointless… so what really happened? Next song-

  1. Writer In The Dark

We got cheated. We still love you but, fuck, the waves of residual feelings are not going away. The choice of words in this song… it’s so personal partially because no one should be this exposed in public.  After all the lies and blow ups. I bet you anything that the writer in this song has the wrong picture of what happened.

  1. Supercut

Oh Elle, we have glorified every amazing moment we ever had. We keep nothing else close to our hearts. After all the drama, all the mistakes, all the yelling into the dark. What do they think we are yearning for? “Hold on to the best and delete the rest”. Sound familiar? We don’t do this for you. It’s for our own peace. The highlights reel is all we get to keep now, it’s the memories that matter. This is song 9 for a reason, it flows into the next because it’s only half of the story. The over-glorified version of what happened, of how we wish things went.

  1. Liability (Reprise)

Things are ok. We had the wrong idea about ourselves. We aren’t the liability we thought we were.

  1. Perfect Places

The truth yet again. Graceless nights. Going through the motions. Beautiful crystallized memories we can look back on. Slower beat, bit of reflection. This is what they fail to understand. So after all that has been said we are still chasing that perfect moment. To emulate it, to beat it, to be better. Still… “What the fuck are perfect places anyway?” We’re still trying to figure this out.

I don’t know how Elle felt when she wrote it, I don’t pretend to but this album is something I can relate to. I lost someone special. This album encapsulates that emotional rollercoaster. What everyone fails to understand is that we have still been living life to the fullest. We have had the BEST of times, met the most amazing people. Heartbreak isn’t as heartbreaking as they make it out to be. It’s all just a little ‘Melodramatic’ at the end of the day. Doesn’t mean the ‘feels’ are any less real. The games, lies & highs. The running around in the middle of the night, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.

This album demonstrates the power of words and music as a form of self expression. For that alone, you should listen to it.



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