Getting A Grip: Pizza

Here I was only just managing to get a grip on things in my life.. Let me emphasise that again – ‘only just managing’! However, the universe seems to be on a bigger mission to ruin every bit of me.

I had to have a small conversation with my present self and remind her about this self-healing and motivational stuff I once read about as a kid. There I stood; in front of the mirror; I put my index finger to my forehead and murmured these words: “I am capable”, “I am important” and “I believe in you”.

I’m not exactly convinced, but this is the kind of stuff that’s supposed to help us stop dwelling in our own self-pity. A deep breath and I’m ready to take on the world again. That’s when it hits me. Food. I need food. Training your mind is no joke, way more strenuous than people think and pizza is brain food. The real challenge though is picking which one and the effort of actually ordering it. It then took me over one hour to place an order online.

Clearly without a doubt – I’m capable. I mean, in my defense the choices these days.. The options are all marginally better than the one before.

I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself. At any rate, I managed to order and collect my meal. So-what if others can do the same in a tenth of the time. No one said it was a bloody competition. I mean let’s be real, some of us have better things to do and some just really want to make sure they have the right pizza choice down pat.

Oh boy.. I seem to have gotten off track. Typical me! SORRY!.

Here I was venting about how I thought I had a grip on things and forgot to tell you about how out of nowhere the universe decided to throw me another curve ball. You know the drill- the old blame game; etc.

So here’s the deal – I was contacted by @chad.ootd on Instagram. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it.

I mean, I obviously now know who it is but something I didn’t really see coming. Let me just inform you, this person has my cell phone number, email, my parents phone and address, my brother’s details… … There are a lot of us ALIs. Many ways to get in touch but someone decided that Instagram was the platform of choice under a new account. I’m sure you get the jest!

So, the message. It reads:

“Yo its me. If XXX asks you when we started talking please I need you to say July/ August 05..Please”

I accepted the message, read it and had to check the calendar because I’m pretty sure we’re in 2017 now.

This guy wants me to tell XXX I spoke to him in 2005. I must be special. Like shyte – we must have been close or something, they obviously think I’m a big deal and XXX needs to know we are all good friends. I might be tooting my own horn.

But who is XXX? Someone I know? Someone I knew? Who knows!

As a good citizen would, I responded with:

“Yo me! I’ll surely let XXX know we go way back ✌️✌️” 

Gosh I love my emojis!

We carried on having a meaningless conversation about exactly when in 2005 we got talking and then in one of the messages it said, “just say you don’t remember”. 

Boy was I confusedLike what exactly is the deal here!?

By this point I demanded to know who they were. Message read, “it’s me” “T

My heart froze. I just about choked. It felt like the air around me was detrimental to my life. The only thing I could reply with was:

“Got it”

“Anyways, laters! I’ve got things to do, people to see, places to be, etc”

I usually just say one of the above remarks when I want to get away from a person or situation I’m no longer in control of. I’m certain I would have lost about 300 calories by this stage.

Is everyone just as lost and curious as I am???



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