The One

So, lately, I have been pondering if “The One” actually exists.

I kept falling for people who I thought could be “The One” but there never seem to be anyone. It’s a bit Yin and Yang, black and white, there is supposed to be someone who complements you, right?

Or have I got it all wrong?

I can say that what I wanted a decade ago is not what I want now. My idea of “The One” keeps changing. It has evolved so much from what I used to want.

I remember reading an article once about finding someone. It made me think, what if the person you think is “the One” isn’t “the One”, and “the One” has been standing right next to you all these time? What if you have just been too blind to see it? The possibility that anyone can be The One is mind-boggling. Then, Katy Perry tells us we also have ‘the one that got away’. What do we do about them?

At the end of the day, this all feels like a game of ‘snap’ to me. To like someone and then for the person to reciprocate that feeling. There’s a possibility that you won’t find anyone who feels the same so then you have to take back all the cards you were dealt, shuffle them up, and play the same game- all over again. SNAP!

So, this is where we bring into context the difference between The One that got away a.k.a. ‘soulmate’ and The One you end up with a.k.a ‘life partner’. We often search for a soulmate and hope to settle down with them, the truth is that not everyone is lucky enough for it. We often confuse ourselves with those terms and refuse to budge from the interpretation of what it actually means.  A soulmate is someone who is in sync with your thinking and enters your life to teach you lessons. When the lessons have been imparted, physical separation usually happens. Soulmates don’t necessarily have to be someone of opposite sex or a life partner, it can be just a friend that vibes right at the right moment. So, once you have learned the lessons, you move on. Finding a life partner comes with time. This might take longer for some, considering the different type of learners we have in the world.

Woah! Now, life partner is a deep topic to broach on, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, it might be what people are looking for in life, companionship, and friendship. Life partner need not be someone who thinks on the same wavelength as you, it can be someone who complements your wants and needs. Someone who would help you through the rest of your journey in life supportively, someone who you’d trust and someone who you’d enjoy exploring life with. It’s possible that one of your soulmates would end up as your life partner and vice versa, simply because life is unpredictable, right?

Coming back to my initial question, does The One” exist? Personally, I think they do exist, but it definitely feels like searching for a needle in the haystack at the moment. I have met my soulmate and when I was reading the article, I knew it’s her. She has taught me important life lessons but she is definitely not my life partner, thus I am continuing my search for The One and I do get tired during the process. When I do, I will sit back and ponder on this question again. Then, read this article, reassess my opinion and continue my search. After all, Snap is an interesting game, right?



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