Cryogenics 8-Cardinal Head Joy

Art is where we go to express ideas that need to be tested.

In the spoken form- it is often taken to be more serious than what’s denoted. I mean, I used to listen to Slipknot with my cat, speaking in tongues became a habit at a very young age. I’d say things with a blank expression that  I thought was profound and it would be met with blank stares to match (I hadn’t practiced my smile very much).

I didn’t know if I was retarded or a genius… I still don’t know.

The track attached is called “Cryogenics 8”. It’s a track about the struggle listed above with very simple lyrics. We figured out that we did NOT have a voice suitable for radio and the idea that you could use a single verse ‘pooped & looped’ to express a struggle seemed clever enough to play with. I think in this twisted little track, it kinda works.

The lyrics are simple:

*garble garble garble*


And now we know. (x2)

 Holds up, hold up, hold up

I was born with a short fuse, can anyone else see?

Can anyone else see? *fade*

For me, this song is a little spesh. It was going to be the backbone to pull an entire album out of! It was a playground with all wub, wub, and dubwubs ready to be stuck together at a chaotic pace and then slowed down to appease people whose brains weren’t overclocked like mine. Sprinkle in a motif or two, chop the hell out of it and it would have been ready to go! A concept album. A massive step up from my debut attempt.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do backups like a good boy. I lost a 60GB SSD with all the samples, sounds, custom VSTi configs that were going to make it on there. One of the pitfalls of early SSD’s (as I know from first-hand experience) is that they had very finicky memory controllers. We even had a bank of recorded guitar riff’s that sounded ‘sick af’ when time shifted. 5 years of collating wiped out in an instance.

Excuses I know. Some renders were saved.

So please enjoy this poorly mixed, twisted, dub-steppy, slow, trippy song that made it out of the wreckage.

-Cardinal Head Joy



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