Green Voices

Money for your sugar, sugar for you all

A penny for your thoughts
The dull copper symmetry
Its presidency cannot win you over
Its intention proves suffice

One cent to connect the dots
The lead lines remark complacency
Its simplicity can tighten you sober
Its contention to entice

One paisa for your attention
The sublime curves breath life
One, three, five, seven
There goes the dice
A pence for your redemption
The shine of incessant strife
A little piece of heaven
Wouldn’t that be nice

Granted that fleeting rapture
Now, drop the giving sign
The price you paid, your generosity
Now, that’s mine.

The bounty of my game
Is truly a crying shame
Your soul, divine
Now, that’s mine.

That little piece of heaven
Is now yours for the taking
With swallowed humility and swollen pride
Your life is naked



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