Wolfie finds Joy

It seems the lines have blurred. You have lost perspective little wolf. The kitty was really a tiger and tigers are not to be trifled with!

They smell so sweet and smile so dear. Look closer however and there are worms in their belly and poop stains around their noses. The scar beneath their shoulder blade may melt your cold heart but do not forget how they came about.

Don’t be fooled by the colour of the powder they wear
Bad fortune follows the fox, with a smile so dear
A swelling redness hides beneath;
It matches their rage, and indeed-

Yours as well.

They have been taught to fear the colour of their own flesh. They do not understand the warmth of a touch and the exchange of scents not to be washed. Shake it off and tend to your coat, you will find another that sings a dear melody to match your notes.

I do not wish to change your mind about touch and feel, but, these words I give for you to steal. Howl little wolf for they do hear, the growl in your voice and they cower in fear.

What mysteries you’ve seen, with answers not too clear.

Words they stole knowing you would react,
A plan they hatched to steal it back.
A moment you asked for,
A moment she gave.
A hope for more will leave you enslaved.

A smile you bear, to tell the truth,
An oath you swear upon a book.
Fear not little wolf you know your bounds,
A howling wolf only makes one sound.

A wolf needs one of his own kind,
A spirit so free it would blow your mind.
Comparisons made are not so bleak.
Only a friend she muttered in contempt, I speak.
I belong to you, a failed attempt.
Ties are seen when engulfed in hemp.

Indeed a chance need be given, for you know it’s true.
No other gives warmth like this little wolf did do.
A pack he has not found or formed,
what hope is there for this omega in a storm?
Protect you this lil’ Wolf cannot,
but shelter in the forest is sure to be sought.

Don’t look at me in destain, this is a price that’s paid for a promise made.
Mere compliments do not melt a jaded heart.
They want to see your teeth little wolf,
and your snarl is more fearsome than the start.

-Cardinal Head Joy


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