The Sad Dinosaur

So the question that should be burning on your lips is:

Who is the Sad dinosaur?

Short answer: Just some girl I met on the internet.

I once met a person who only had friends off the internet. There isn’t much stigma attached to it these days. Those 80’s kids look at you a bit funny though, and unless their parents fall in the ‘socially liberal, fiscally conservative’ category understanding is a little hard to come by. So a lot of these stories often go untold. I want to change that.

So this girl, ‘the sad dinosaur’ fed me some story about back problems, not being able to travel and her cat having a miscarriage. The last bit got to me. A kitty is in trouble! Needless to say, heart strings were tugged. I had a cat once, we used to listen to slipknot together on the balcony.

There is an issue though. I’ve been lied to a lot. This girls story pulls at heart-strings a little too well.  Bitch is lying. We know it… but kit-ty!

So lets play-. A little about my playground first. A little about my world: Whisper.

Whisper is full of liars, crackheads, trolls, catfish, cam-girls, attention seekers, sad bois, fuckboys, dealers, stoners and swindlers. Plus Americans. A lot of Americans.

I know right?

Don’t get me wrong, these are amazing people and there are normal people on there as well (in fact, all of these are normal people). Not that American’s aren’t amazing people. I once spoke to this house wife in Alabama about…(story for another day). My point is Whisper is like walking the street. It’s a public place. Except everyone can change their face, purpose and role- all at the drop of a hat. It’s a game.

They can’t change their voice though. People tend to use the same inflections. Some even imitate others. So it gets confusing very quickly. So many different games you can play. So many players. You should be able to see why this is addictive for over-thinkers like myself. In case you can’t: It’s a synthetic open world where you plug straight into the consciousness of a stranger. They voluntarily project their inner voice into…well text messages. They automatically trust you because of the cloak of anonymity. They confess things & they fake confessions.

They be so human.

Some like to throw up ‘smokescreens’ others don’t care. I like playing beacon to see what kinda character I attract (usually a catfish or two). It’s a rush. Hell, I love it! It’s the greatest. I made the best of friends on this app. All by talking a bit of shit (if you are wondering, I’m a shit-talkin’-story-teller which puts me in the ‘troll’ category but not really.) I’m the troll that troll’s the trolls so that pissy kids can vent their dog shit (oddly sexual) frustrations on my beloved platform. Sometimes I play guardian, sometimes I blow smoke to see how many people mimic or react. It’s all fun and games till people start taking it the wrong way.

Inbetween it all, I help people. That’s the primary objective, that, and a bit of fun. It’s just when you speak about it cryptically, it often gets misconstrue to be something else.

Good times.

So back to our story, It had been a while since a good deed had been done. Our new friend “the sad dinosaur” was in luck. I think we can make this a sure thing ‘3 for 1’ good deed.

  1. Help out Pumpkin the cat that has gone off her food
  2. Keep this ‘weirdo’ that lives in KG company
  3. Give some kitten a new home- even monsters don’t say no to cats.

Of course we are also helping out our ‘sad dinosaur’. So I guess, a second list of potential positive outcomes included:

  2. This girl is possibly telling the truth- Like.. nice story, your reward is a kitten like it or not
  3. It’s a trust exercise- maybe we can regain some faith in humanity


  1. it’s something to do.
  2. It’s not going to cost me anything.
  3. I’ll create a new game. (I call it- How to convince a dumb-fuck to get you a cat without leaving your house)

Wolfie loves games. Playing someones game is the easiest way to learn their game. No one needs to know you’re hiding a higher than average IQ, the memory of an elephant and machiavellian intent. You see… The sad dinosaur is also a sad moment for me. This is my last Whisper adventure. This is the point we decide it has gone too far.

It’s a sad day when your paranoia has you trying to reason out why you did something for the betterment of another. It is getting to be more of a problem lately. I seriously finally understand the meaning of being haunted.

It’s just strange, I don’t like ghosts.



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