Lil’ Blackie

I used to be scared of dogs when I was young and my dad had to return a pup he took in because I refused to walk on the floor, the pup kept wanting to lick my toes. Mind you, I was six back then and quite self-contained- thought the world revolved around me. So, fast forward to almost 20 years later, I have a pet dog and he is my favourite being in the world. I have always been the ‘awww it’s cute’ kinda person with animals and little kids. Not very much with little kids, since the teacher in me comes out more often than it should. Anyway, because I grew up with a dog, I am more dog-friendly than cat-friendly. I have no ill-feelings towards cats but my friend’s cat tried to attack me once. I’ve been edgy around cats ever since then. Also, the fact that my mum hates cats and has instilled in me that cats can sense that I am a dog person.

Coming back to the main point: I have this friend, L, right? He is a lil’ crazy over kitties. I didn’t know how crazy until we embarked on this journey. It was a weekday and he called up to ask if I wanna go on an adventure with him. Of course, I said ‘why not?’ So, the mission? We are gonna relocate a kitten!

Let me set the context for the mission: My friend met this girl from an online app and she has a cat that had recently miscarried. The cat was obviously very sad and this girl found a kitten from Brisbane to help the cat but she couldn’t come down to get the kitten, since she lives like an hour from Brisbane. She also finishes work at midnight, so we get to play with the kitty for a while if we help her. Now, when a kitty needs help, how can we say no? I was more than eager to go on any adventure at this point, so I went along with it.

To be honest: I think L just needed a cat holder, so he turned to me for help. I didn’t mind helping anyway. I was nervous about kitties and cats, I’ll tell you that. L didn’t know that! We went ahead and got the kitty from his home in the northern part of Brisbane. It is this cutest little black kitten with white paws. L got it from its owner and he was literally swooning over it the entire time, shaking every now and then in excitement. L tried to get me to hold the kitten while he drives but I was clearly putting on a brave mask as I held on to the kitty. The kitty probably realised I was nervous too because he kept crawling back onto L’s lap. We managed to navigate back to my house with the kitty on L’s lap most of the time. I was scared to even hold the kitty because seemingly if I hold it wrong, the kitty would vomit.

When we reached home, L helped the kitty to settle down on me and taught me a few simple ways to calm down the kitty. Also, we named him Blackie! Blackie was so fragile and woke up to the slightest movements, staring at you accusingly for interrupting his nap time. I was so scared to even breathe because he was settled right on top of my belly. I know, it was the cutest thing ever! I was slowly getting comfortable around Blackie.

Then, we went to L’s house to hang out for a couple more hours. I gave L all his sweet time with Blackie while I watched Netflix. L was so protective of Blackie and always gave me the ‘stop moving around’ stare because Blackie was so sensitive to movements.

L’s mum came home and lectured about how L is allergic to cats. When his mum started lecturing, I kept thinking to myself, ‘is she serious? L has been with Blackie for about 3 hours now and he is perfectly fine.’ When his mum left the room, it felt like that’s all it ever needed, a trigger; it was the beginning of his allergic reaction. For a moment, I felt really bad to have agreed to the adventure. Maybe I should have talked him out of it. I have sinusitis and I know how irritating it is when you can’t string a legible sentence together because you keep sneezing.

But that didn’t damper our excitement, we still played around with Blackie for some time using a shoelace, it’s a different play compared to dogs’ playtime. It was so funny and cute how easily cats are triggered, it was like watching a live silly cat video. We even tried to feed Blackie some milk but he was probably too young to drink it off a bowl. Blackie licked some milk off L’s finger but refuse to drink from the bowl and only ate small bits and pieces of food. L was so completely at ease but I keep feeling like we should do something more, like how could a kitten not want to drink or eat for the past 6 hours or so, right?

Or maybe that was just the foodie in me.



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