Review: 2017 iPad Pro (The smaller 10.5 inch model)

Firstly, that super sexy render being used as the feature image? That’s not the 2017 iPad Pro. That will probably be the one you should buy- it’s not out yet.

What is it?


This is a tablet. A tablet is a piece of hardware that sits in a weird place with most techies. It’s not a laptop and can’t do all the things a laptop can and it’s not a smartphone because it can’t make cellular calls. So it’s too big to be a phone and not useful enough to be a laptop.

Really tablets exist in gadgetry-purgatory. There really isn’t a place for them in most peoples opinion and every review you read will be pretty ‘meh’. Apple will tell you how the latest and greatest device is the best, the one that makes life worth living, you’ll see the rainbow and become an artist all while wearing sweatpants. If only you BUY NOW!

So the iPad Pro, what is it?– It’s a big ass iPhone. Like legit. That’s all it is. You buy the form-factor and get a kick-ass pen and a squishy-foldy keyboard (for an extra $350). The device itself starts at $980 and inflates out to $1,700.

Yeah. Big-ass numbers. No matter how you cut it, this thing will cost you a bit over a grand to buy outright. So that’s Actual tax, Apple tax, hardware costs and some R&D costs chucked in there. In 2017 however, tablets are no longer in new-mover/early adopter territory. It’s now in its mainstream consumer phase. This is the device that Apple consumers want.

Do I want it?2017-06-10-11-34-01.jpeg


The easy bits:

  • Same camera as an iPhone 7. It makes pretty pictures. The module that comes in it is kick ass and the software tweaks things enough to allow happy snaps to look semi-professional but document scanning or archiving to your cloud on-the-go is what it’s better used for. Lets just hope when you get audited the pictures print out looking like real documents.
  • Front-facing camera is HD. Video conferences on the go work.
  • Volume buttons I fumble and find- no real drama
  • ‘Touch ID 2’ fingerprint sensor- It’s as good as my One Plus 3 which is better than the galaxy s7.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack- If they used pro and didn’t have this I wouldn’t even write about it.
  • It has four Good speaker modules- great for Youtube.

The Stand out bit:

That screenipad_pro_97_review_mrv_009-15-100653687-large.jpg

This screen is sex. Lets cut through some of the ground breaking-ness though:

Laymen’s terms:

  • Youtube videos look pretty
  • Netflix looks pretty
  • Websites look pretty
  • Pictures look professional
  • You draw something, it looks pretty
  • When you scroll you can see the words clearer than before as it moves.

So let’s get nerdy:

  1. Variable refresh rate technology came out in the big leagues ages back. Nvidia has G-Sync, AMD has Free Sync and Apple has ProMotion. They all achieve a similar goal- make this FPS and screen refresh rate match so the graphics chips don’t have to work super hard to get that pretty screen responsive. It sounds complicated and tricky but it translates to being able to use high refresh rate displays with less processing power without loosing any graphical performance. In a tablet? This means better battery life.
  2. High pixel density– There are more places for the computer to put colours so the space inbetween the colours is less. The more control you have over colours like this the closer-to-life the images look.
  3. AdobeRGB compliant– The way this screen displays things is the way this professional standard says it should look. You should be able to share material you create on this device in graphic design circles and not get laughed out of the room. More-so you can get your material printed and it should look the way it does on your screen.

That SoC


Apples A10x is ‘the shit’. hexcore CPU design paired with dozen-core GPU.


This thing has enough spec’s on paper to make my “Intel i7 920” CPU from 2008 look like a slouch. That was a full on desktop build. It’s not how we should interpret these numbers though.

What we have is a mobile processing unit that is taking advantage of die shrink and cool new technologies to better combine CPU/GPU/RAM. These 3 components have become super small, super quick and super close together on the Chip so everything goes super fast. Oh Yeah, Tablet. Juice is still an issue. The A10x is cool. I don’t really understand most of the jargon but I have a rough idea that its ground breaking. Anandtech is where you would go to read up on that.

Should I have it?apple-pencil-ipad-pro-notes.jpg

If you are a Visual artist that needs to do some quick-ass signage work to make a quick buck- This is the screen that makes your first render.

If you are a blogger that wants to see his content as it would appear on any web-browser. This is the screen that does it the best. It’s like digital 20/20 vision. If it looks good on here, it’ll look good on most other things to. This is the cheapest, easiest, most presentable way to showcase on the go.

This is the most bleeding edge consumer product on the market right now. It is in such great leagues ahead of everything else in terms of “newness” that the very software it runs on it hasn’t even caught up yet (iOS10 at release).

If you want a device that will last you 2 years with proper care and sporadic use- this is it. If this is the last attempt at redeeming the tablet form factor, it is the ultimate in consumer grade hardware and it would be a real #notevenmad moment. That’s not hype. That’s my honest opinion. This is my first ever Apple product ever.



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