Hellbound (5)

I stood before the demon king
who shook his beastly head.
I plucked what little courage left
and this is what I said.

“Oh mighty demon overlord
who swallows sinners whole,
if you can give me what I want,
I offer you my soul.”

Then the demon spoke to me,
blood dripping from his snout
“I cannot acquiesce to you,
your soul’s not yours to tout.”

This was unexpected but
perhaps another way,
for demons are predictable,
They love a game of play.

“Oh gruesome bloody demon-thing,
so worthy of your fame,
my challenge is a duel of wits,
that I can guess your name.”

The demon pondered for some time,
as prideful demons do,
then spat a haughty bellowed laugh
“I’ll give you cryptic clue.”

“I saw the savage Mongols rise,
and crushed them into dust.
I saw the mighty Romans too,
and watched their legions rust.”

“For every empire come and gone,
I treated them the same.
I am eternal ravager,
now tell me, what’s my name!”



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