One dreary night on Summer’s eve,
my family was asleep.
When suddenly I heard a sound,
of something come to creep.

I sat upright to find its source,
I sensed that it was near.
A scratching sound beneath the floor,
that stirred my deepest fear.

A shadow scurried up the stairs,
towards my youngest’s room.
I followed it, a step behind,
while grasping tight a broom.

So terrified at what I’d find,
I summoned all my might.
I opened up the bedroom door,
and met a dreaded sight.

A creature loomed above his bed,
with features gnarled and thin.
Its glowing eyes of bluest night,
stared down upon my kin.

I sprung at once to save my boy,
I swung, alas a miss.
And as it fled before my blows,
it spat at me a hiss.

I chased it off, or so I thought,
right back to where it came.
But ever since that awful night,
my boy is not the same.

His eyes are different than before,
his laugh has grown more deep.
He speaks strange words I’ve never heard,
and sings himself to sleep.

A sickness has befallen him,
I don’t know what to do.
I do not recognise him now,
his skin is cold and blue.

Others do not see it though,
they say I am confused.
To them he has not changed at all;
they look at me, bemused.

Every time he speaks to me,
I hear another hum.
I feel a presence next to him;
just what has he become?

Is it just me; have I gone mad?
For answers, I implore.
I feel as only mother could,
this child is mine no more.



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