Home Time Kitty

Then it was time to take the drive to the sad dinosaur’s house to deliver Blackie. L had to take his allergy medication beforehand and it was midnight by the time we reached the girl’s house. I had a moment of panic when the girl didn’t reply to L the first five minutes. My mind raced to what I am going to do if it was a catfish after all. I must have been hanging around L too much because I, who trust people easily, was overcome with paranoia. I was thinking if I could raise a cat alone since L was allergic, it is funny now that I think about it but back then, I was suppressing my panicked reactions from L. The sad dinosaur eventually replied and took Blackie from us. I felt relieved, might sound mean but it was the only thing I felt when Blackie was claimed. We saw pictures of Blackie with his new mom and they look so much alike.

Mission accomplished!

I was still making friends with L and for those who do not know, we had a rough start. L is different, albeit not very different from my usual group of friends. This adventure helped me understand L better and be a better friend. I was truly thinking maybe pet therapy is all he ever needed. He looked way happier than he was before, flashing more of his ‘Cheshire cat smile’ as he calls it.  It’s not possible since he is allergic to cats but kitty cuddle sessions every now and then would definitely help him. Damn, I sound like a psychologist and no, I don’t want to psycho-analyse anyone. I just want to be a nice person. I even saw how possessive he can be with his fixation. There was a point he said

‘the cat has as much right as I have in this room.’

I made a mental note to back off from there because it was a flaky ground and I didn’t want the tension to shatter a happy moment.

Personally, I love putting a smile on someone’s face but back home, I was asked to not be reckless and talk to strangers. It was just my upbringing and I felt suppressed when all I ever wanted was to be let free and do things that makes my heart happy. Random acts of kindness, smiling at strangers or greeting a passer-by keeps me happy. My parents don’t share the same view and it’s alright. It is just the world we live in nowadays and I have begun to accept it. That doesn’t stop me from being kind to people.

Relocating the kitten has taught me life lessons. Yes, I know I turn very philosophical frequently. I learnt how to be at ease around kittens, cats are a different story but I’ll get there eventually. And a fun fact! Apparently, cats can sense love out of your palm, according to L (he might have been bullshitting for all I know).



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