Solar-Powered Gal

Much faster than a rocket ship
her booster jets ignite.
She swoops outside to catch a glimpse
and feast on fading light.

People can’t escape her pull,
they’re drawn in by her charm.
Her smile is like a contagion,
so soothing with its calm.

A wonder-woman, brave and bold,
magnificent in sight.
Alas she has a weakness though,
a failing kryptonite.

On dreary days with cloudy skies
she wallows in repose.
Unable to arise from bed
without the sun’s expose.

Dissatisfied with what she has
she may not have a clue.
Her past is still a part of her
those things she can’t undo.

Gloominess is all around
her life is void of zen.
Just counting down until the time
the sun will rise again.

And when it does, be well informed
to what I have to say.
She has no time for lesser folk
they just get in the way.

When fired up, and charged to burst
her temper starts to swell.
None dare to challenge such resolve
that solar-powered gal.



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