Temple of Lies

From palaces of ivory,
they feast upon the poor.
Corrupt, unholy pillages,
and rotten to the core.

An institution built on fraud,
deception is their trade.
They lust for rank depravity,
the cult of death; man-made.

Their crimes are inconceivable,
and terrible in depth.
of squandered culpability,
so palpable in breadth.

They revel in hypocrisy,
a temple wreathed in lies.
The truth concealed by apathy,
and hidden from our eyes.

Complacency; their holy word,
more bread to feed the flock.
Answers cloaked by secrecy,
and doors that don’t unlock.

Instead of owning up to truth,
we’d rather turn our head.
Pretend they still provide for us,
than face the lies we’re fed.

Their fairytales of sacrifice,
are nothing as they seem.
Designed to pacify our minds,
and lull us into dream.

Imagine of another world,
where victims get to choose.
Could such a place exist wherein,
the guilty pay their dues?



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