‘Usturat al habi (Legend of Love)

I. Fasl al fasl

The Carvan has halted.
The grunting of camels.
The sand shines of moonlight.
And I remember you.
The bonfire is lit.
My kinsman have all gathered.
And yet lonely, I remember you.

I was the lonely moon,
And you the mirthful rain.
Your voice to my heart was so soothing,
And my life full of despair and pain.

II. Àl fasl min dhikraa

When I see the dancing fire,
I remember your radiant eyes.
When I drink the wine,
I remember your intoxicating words.
When I visit the perfume chamber,
I sense your presence around.

When I pick up the pen,
I remember the letters you wrote to me.
When I gaze around at the eternal sand,
I feel the emptiness of my life.

III. Àl fasl min aldaewa

I searched for you,
Through every oasis I passed.
Through every city I went to.
Through the olive groves.

I called for you,
Like man so insane.
Like the miser losing a diamond.
Like the parrot calling its mate.
Like a thirsty man crying for water.

IV. Àl fasl min alsala

Where should I go,
Whom should I pray to.
The night seems worthless,
And worthless are the days.
Tell me where should I go,
Name an abode so worthy.
For me it shall be heaven,
A chance to see you; my true salvation.

– Devesh Dubey