Meatasaurus Rex!

I came across a pizza shop
not far away from home.
The sign said ‘Dino-Diner Stop’
it’s chef, a man named Nome.

I entered through a faded door
of peeling yellow paint.
I looked around the empty room,
Its decor, somewhat quaint.

I greeted Nome and asked of him
his recommended slice.
His smile was one of eagerness
while holding out some dice.

“That’s not the way we do things here”
Nome started to explain.
“I can’t predict just what you’ll get,
that is, apart from plain.”

I took the dice he gave to me
and shot him back a nod.
This pizzeria’s summoning
was nothing short of odd.

I threw the dice with all my might,
they rolled and came to rest.
Anticipation for results
had me a little stressed.

Nome studied and compared against
a chart upon the wall.
Whatever pizza was for me,
at least it wasn’t small.

At last he seemed to be prepared
and gave another grin.
“The pizza you have won today
should qualify as sin.”

He rambled on explaining just
exactly what I’d bought.
Each moment filled me with pure dread
for that with which I’d wrought.

Then the pizza was produced,
colossal in its size.
Resembling a fierce beast
with black anchovy eyes.

Its crispy bacon bicep bits
and pepperoni pecks.
All pale in abject glory to
The Meatasaurus Rex!

– J.S.Worth


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