Hellbound (2)

Since I last escaped them,
just how? I don’t suppose.
Now I await till their return.
When? Someone out there knows.

I hold up tight within my home,
of barricaded steel.
I pray to God to give me strength,
that none of this is real.

A month ago the moon turned red,
that time comes once again.
I sense them closing in on me,
their claws are at my pen.

Who was it that set loose on me,
these demons in disguise?
I think I know the answer now,
the truth lays in their eyes.

There’s nothing more that I can do,
to call them off my scent.
To drive me into desperate act,
I think was his intent.

A raucous now and frenzied howl,
they’re ripping down the wall,
I am prepared to meet my end,
and laugh as I stand tall.

A dozen drums of diesel fuel,
a fitting sacrifice.
A single match is all I need,
no need to think it twice.

The aberrations strike as one,
to rip me from my shell.
And as I meet familiar eyes,
I know I’m bound for hell.

– J.S.Worth