Charlie Wrinkle

Charlie Wrinkle

Charlie Wrinkle the Great Dane/Sharpei, with his short fur/ pudgy face and floppy ears. I fell in love with this thing the moment I saw him. I needed more dudes in my life and this puppy was chill. I say puppy, he was almost as big as me if he stood up on his hind legs. He seemed docile. There’s space in my yard, surely a puppy isn’t too much to ask for. It would make us sooo happy! He would be our puppy and travel between houses in a race-car and maybe one day we would all live together!

I think they call this a “moment”.

These kinds of moments had started happening. Dreams. The good sort. The type where you wouldn’t feel embarrassed imagining walks on the beach. Charlie would probably get really big and start taking us for walks! He would definitely still listen to us though since we would give him extra treats when no one is looking. To be fair, his name isn’t going to be Charlie Wrinkle by the time we leave this doggy-prison.

I’ll make a play for it though- its a funny name.

If cats we are allergic to, then a dog should be fine? I mean things are different now, I’m not alone anymore. I have a little pack, it’s smaller than I like but its a future I want (and that’s new to me). The biggest problem with having a puppy always was: Who would take care of him if I had to fly out? No. This times different though. We’ve met people we trust with something this important. This time it is different, my new friend doesn’t just fit, I actually like her and her priorities line up with mine. That’s all the foresight we need to make this move. That’s enough for conviction. As a person I am sure this is what I want.

Our own little slice of happy.

An entire week I got the warm and fuzzies thinking about that Dog and my own house. I would get my ass in that van to that dead-end job that seems to be getting worse and worse and my roomie would rock the hipster artist vibe- in this potential future. Our shitty jobs wouldn’t matter. I’d get back to messing around in a make-shift art studio and we would get our work in a gallery. Just like we talked about. Maybe I’d start writing again, maybe finish that Zombie story I’ve had stuck in the back of my mind.

A life like that though? That’s years away.

Right now is adventure time! Parks, movies, galleries, dinners, holidays, concerts, boat rides, beach trips, Melbourne, Bali, Fiji, New Zealand. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This new person I’ve met, I want to show them the world. I want to see all these places with someone special. I finally found someone to do things with. Someone who gets that doing all these things with one person, makes the memories you accumulate special. Maybe I’ll convince her to go sky diving or SCUBA diving with me as well. Some kind of diving. Or we can climb mountains. Safari’s would be fun, I met a guy once whose family owns a game farm in South Africa… the possibilities. Learning to surf is on the bucket list as well. Next summer is going to be amazing, even if we don’t leave our home town for a while. A companion, for once, I don’t feel alone.

People need to see the brighter side of life. These are the finer moments, they should be cherished. It only took 3 foxes, 2 wolves and a catfish to really understand that.

I guess we have always measured how much fun we have by how much it fucks us up in the end, and ohh baby! That last train-wreck assures me things were off the rails Ah-May-Zing before it actually went ‘off the rails’. I was actually infatuated with someone (and fucking get this) they felt the same. For a moment. A few moments. A few perfect moments. (Yes that one is a reference to the Lorde song.) Social learning in action kids!



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