The OK Party

One night I met a dear good friend,
and wondered in a humble den,
to drink a beer, or six to end,
but found, we did, there were no men.

Instead were met with feel-good cheer,
the lady-folk surrounded near,
at first the night began so clear,
but then were served with too much beer.

We danced and sang the night away,
no pause for thought of whom would pay,
lost in the mood of hedon’s day,
until I heard my good friend say…

“Move quick, you fool, we’ve been done wrong,
the party-girls have left this dawn!”
I sobered quick and quit my song,
to find that they indeed were gone.

To pull on us such spiteful trick,
to think it now still makes me sick,
but then and there I knew not lick,
of what to do, stacked bottles – thick.

The boss-man came to reap his crime,
I checked my pants, found wallet – mine,
fortune alas was ours to shine,
my friend, he knew a clever line…


From out the den we scattered fast,
the bill we left – ungodly vast,
that place, of us had seen the last,
now just a story from the past.

in memory of Dan – RIP

– J.S.Worth


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