Super Guy

To hear of superheroes, brave,
brings images to mind.
They’re powerful beyond belief,
but also just and kind.

Much faster than a bullet train,
and stronger than the sea.
Such powers rival even gods,
beyond quaint little me.

I bare no otherworldly gifts,
or extra-special skill.
I’ve never been that brave or bold,
and lack expansive will.

I couldn’t hold my own against
those comic super-folk.
I’m just an ordinary guy
who’s rather plainly spoke.

My super power is being nice,
it’s just the way I am.
I strive to serve it every day,
like breakfast eggs and ham.

I try to help the way I can,
and never leave in doubt.
I’d do just almost anything
for those I care about.

Some say such generosity
is open for abuse.
My counter is the same as those
who’ve tied themselves a noose.

But please don’t think a fool like me
is young, and so, naive.
I’d rather optimism’s grasp,
than cynicism’s grieve.

I swore to uphold niceties,
until the day I die.
So should you be in need of such,
just call me Super Guy.

– J.S.Worth


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