The Green Monster

The day began as often did
with tedium and waste.
Just waiting as the hours passed,
I wished to give them haste.

After work I scurried for
the nearest water hole.
The band played merry melodies
and pitchers took their toll.

Was then a fellow came to me,
a sparkle in his eye.
He offered me a muffin plant,
to take me to the sky.

At opportunity I jumped;
experienced new thrill.
But looking back I think I was
a mother clucking dill.

Before too long that something hit,
I felt a little odd.
I could not move within my chair,
my spine had lost its rod.

At first I was at wonderous ease,
a newborn precious whelp.
But then the greenish goblin spoke,
and so I cried for help!

I don’t remember what occurred,
following my wreck.
But woke up in a hospital,
and with enormous cheque.

Since then I have not dared to find
the greenish ghoul again.
And so I choose more carefully
from poisons in my den.

– J.S.Worth


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