Hellbound (4)

I wandered through the wilderness,
of pain and misery.
The cries of every soul I passed,
just pleading to be free.

Until I came upon a lake,
of searing broiling blood.
Its bank was littered with decay,
and thick congealing mud.

Was then I saw the one I sought,
who waded through the muck.
Collecting all the filth abound,
and stooping down to suck.

It towered over everything,
a bloated pustuled mess.
None escaped its gluttonous greed,
or raging dire excess.

Its hunger was enormity,
that never could be fed.
All hearken to its feeding call,
the demon of the dead.

I moved in closer cautiously,
ignoring primal fear.
It watched me come and then it spoke,
with monstrous grueling leer.

“Welcome brave young wanderer,
you’ve caught me in a mood.
I’m wallowing in self-despise,
not meaning to be rude.

But I perhaps can spare for you,
a minute, maybe two.
You came this far to ask something,
what is it I can do?”

– J.S.Worth


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