The Bakhtak

Most nights in bed I am reposed;
asleep, I dream in peace.
I am so warm and comfortable,
and safe beneath my fleece.

When suddenly I am disturbed;
awoken from my rest.
I sense that something is not right;
a pressure on my chest.

I try to turn but cannot move;
I gasp; I cannot breathe!
It’s then I see a creature there,
the horror makes me seethe.

Its beady eyes stare straight at mine,
I feel my stomach heave.
I’m paralysed so helplessly,
I cry to make it leave.

Exposed to have its way with me,
the minutes feel like hours.
It taunts me with a toothy grin
as over me it towers.

And just as quick as it arrived,
the gremlin disappears.
Released from out the spell it cast,
I’m free to dry my tears.

I don’t know how long it was there
just breathing on my face.
I’m only know I’m terrified;
my heartbeat still a race.

Since that night I haven’t slept,
reminded of what came.
And from now on, my cozy bed
will never feel the same.

– J.S.Worth