Upon the lucid water ways,
a graceful figure gently plays.
With midnight coat that glistens; gleams,
the water horse of placid dreams.

Her stunning beauty smothers fear,
as she frolics, coming near.
Brown eyes swear to you; confide,
temptation begs you for a ride.

Too late the mane of weeds betray,
the truth about her haunting bray.
Towards the waters, gaining haste,
a beast that craves a human taste.

She’ll take you down to join her flock,
to rest in peace beneath the loch.
A solemn grave of scattered bones,
that stifles all but muffled groans.

So if you spy that luring steed,
do not approach; this warning heed.
None will hear your desperate screams,
for Kelpie is not what it seems.

– J.S.Worth