We are travelers in time,
on a journey never-ending.
Mountains we must climb,
the laws of gravity bending.

We reach our own apogee
at the summits of our lives;
mistaken we are somehow free,
the truth we then contrive.

Furthest from our source,
but still upon a tether;
tracing a familiar course,
only change being weather.

Then in a parabolic swing,
we’re back on the inside;
having learned something,
between the worlds we hide.

That is where peace is found,
so when greeting it we smile.
As we’re interred to the ground,
we can finally rest awhile.

We helped as much as we could,
so we leave an empty space.
At least a few beings should
have tears wetting their face.

Again we boomerang back,
onto the player’s stage.
Serenity’s a trait we lack,
no matter how well we age.

Sad to say this transition
from peace is rather painful,
so we cry out our ambition,
to make this next life gainful.

– Phoenix Aradia