Hellbound (6)

Who could this monstrous demon be,
who witnessed such distress.
As every kingdom came and went,
it seemed preposterous.

The demon chortled pompously,
so confident he’d won.
No one had ever guessed his name,
his score, ten million – none.

My mind confounded cluelessly,
distracted by my rhyme.
At last the answer came to me,
“By name, I call you Time!”

The demon roared with malcontent,
and then began to cry.
“That isn’t fair, you tricked me, no!
Give me another try.”

I sighed pathetic pity for this,
ugly vicious brute.
In my mind I played a tune,
upon a tiny lute.

“I beat you fair and square, you oaf,
now give me what is mine.
I must be off, I cannot wait,
and watch you moan and whine.”

“Very well you’ve beaten me,
I’ll stay true to my word.
I send you now to reap revenge,
against the traitor turd.”

My body felt reenergised,
I witnessed my rebirth.
With sudden speed I rocketed,
back to the sacred Earth.

– J.S.Worth