My Neighbour is a Piece of Shit!

My neighbour is a piece of shit
he won’t turn off the light.
He leaves it on most everyday
and all throughout the night.

My neighbour doesn’t understand
what doors are meant to do.
It opens, see, and when you’re done
it also closes too.

My neighbour likes to cook his cat
at least it smells as much.
Intrusive putrid rank bouquet
like rotten eggs, or such.

I cannot bare it anymore
I wonder what to do.
Perhaps I could leave him a note
and hope he gets the clue.

This morning I felt it was time
to bang upon his door.
I’d tell him what I thought of him
and maybe then some more.

As I left, I saw again
that mother-fucking light.
“He left it on again!” I yelled
“He wants to pick a fight!”

But just before I went to war
I noticed something wrong.
That light which had so bothered me
t’was I who left it on.

– J.S.Worth