Naive Little Yellow Star ⭐️

Oh simple little foreign land,
will you fall or will you stand
against the alter of contempt,
like all before you came and went.

So much to lose so much to gain,
just pray it isn’t all in vain.
You see such wonders from afar,
but know not truly what they are.

You idolise them willingly,
a billion eyes that only see
their sparkle and their gleeful shine,
but underneath, they’re asinine.

Oh silly little eager friends,
I come to you as one of them.
You think me mystical and bright,
the pinnacle of country might.

But only if you truly knew,
I am no one I’m just like you.
I’m tired and lost, I have no face,
that’s why I came here to this place.

I only wish to be a man,
so please accept me, if you can.
I found here hope, and even love,
and see through smoggy skies above.

Oh naive little yellow star,
keep growing and be who you are.
I see in you the future mold,
triumphant tales as yet untold

– J.S.Worth


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