Hellbound (1)

Back when I first saw it,
if then I only knew.
An omen of the coming end,
if something I could do.

What seemed at first a rabid dog,
that left me quite unnerved.
I realised from the peril felt,
the master whom it served.

It’s blood-shot, glowing, demon eyes,
which pierce beneath my soul.
Blood-thirsty, savage beast of hell,
I’m losing all control.

What have I done to deserve this?
Who lay the curse on me?
I’d give up everything I am,
to only set me free.

It stalks my every footstep now,
from just beyond the gloom.
It matters not if run or hide,
I hear its wailing doom.

There’s only so much time before,
the setting of the moon,
Upon me now, I hear its howl,
my time is up too soon.

I stumble through the alleyways,
my terror growing strong.
When suddenly it disappears,
as if something went wrong.

Its master calls it back to him,
he rings the dinner bell.
Perhaps I have escaped my fate,
to meet the hound of hell.

– J.S.Worth


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