Day 1: Clouds

The dogs are barking. Again, they really don’t want to shut up today. Maybe if someone would feed them. Maybe if we let them run around down-stairs it would be better. It’s kind of like when you run every day and then suddenly stop, your legs just don’t feel right anymore.

That’s what the dogs must be going through. Poor pups.

Another 20 minutes of shut eye before I have to get up and get ready. Not that I’ll be able to sleep anymore. The things I would do for a joint right now. Well nothing too extreme… maybe a drive into the rough part of town. I know a guy… but when the prison sentence is 2 years in this city and no one really has your back, it’s not a risk worth taking.

It’s strange to think I was raised to think the sky is always falling. Today will be a good day I keep telling myself.

Wake up. Shit, shower, shave, head downstairs and behave. The monotonous mantra that keeps going through my head. I wonder when things will change. Things haven’t been too flash, but recently, it has been a bit better.

Fuck it. Action time, I try and will myself out of bed.

The tattoo on my shoulder is itchy. If the demon embalmed on my skin is trying to escape, I don’t think today will go as well as I keep telling myself. It must be a bad omen. I open my eyes, finally. It’s still dark outside. Strange.

Things don’t seem right. I check my phone. It’s 7:30AM.

It should be bright outside with the hot sun beating down and the humidity through the roof. My phone must be broken I tell myself. I stumble out of bed with the grace of a senile alcoholic. I take a deep breath. The lungs don’t feel too good. That emphysemic build up that my body tried so hard to expel the previous night wants out. I cough. I swallow.

I think to myself, swallowing cum must not be so bad if I’m ok with this.

I wonder outside onto the balcony to see what the dogs are barking at, I can’t see anything. It’s pitch black. No lights anywhere. That’s odd.

I give the slobbering Dalmatian a cuddle to try and shut it up. She doesn’t try and take a bite like she normally does, she seems transfixed on a spot in the sky. I pull a cigarette out of my pocket and rummage around for a lighter. The first one of the day. Always the best never the last. This addiction is weird that way. Almost habitual but always leaves a craving for something more. I stretch and light up. I don’t even like it that much but it hits the spot either way.

My mind starts wondering to places it really shouldn’t. Places the world tells me are irrelevant. I sit down, the Dalmatian jumps up onto the seat next to me. She’s shaking. Afraid of something I’m oblivious to. I give her another pat and think nothing of it.

There isn’t any breeze. In fact it seems hotter than ever. I look up and the sky… well it seems strange. There aren’t any stars. Odd. The moon was in full view when I went to bed. Things shouldn’t have changed this quickly. I take another drag of the cigarette that is most likely to kill me. Well, not this particular one but I am sure this will all catch up to me one day soon. The air has a smell to it which is strange since I usually can’t smell anything and there’s no one cooking yet. I don’t even know what time it is. I went to bed at 9:30PM and right now it is somewhere between that and daybreak.

I look over the balcony at the cars below. There is no one patrolling. I make my way back to my room and find my phone.  7:45AM. Well… I guess it’s still working. I unlock it and scroll around. It’s still working just fine. My roommate is not here but his phone sure is. I pick it up to check the time. 7:46AM.

That doesn’t make any sense. I stumble back into the hallway and check the clock on the wall. 7:50AM. This one has always been fast but it still says it’s morning. Where is the sun? Where is the light? I walk back out on the balcony looking up at the sky. It’s dark it’s blank. I look out over the horizon, it’s bright.

Very Bright.

I rub my eyes to check to make sure that it’s not them at fault. I look straight out trying to pierce through the horizon. It looks like the normal scorching day it should be, I look straight up. It’s pitch black. Something is wrong. My heart skips a beat. There’s something above me. Something huge. Not just huge but massive. Kilometres upon kilometres blocking out the sun. How did I not notice it before? The Dalmatian has snuck inside. It’s running around like nothing’s changed. I on the other hand am transfixed on the object above me.

What even is that?


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