The Northern Lights

A source of nostalgia, I can still remember,
how the night sky illuminated with fiery embers
On the horizon, a mosaic of turquoise colored nitrogen,
adjacent to a lavish display of absinthe-tinted oxygen

Once believed to be remnants of departed souls,
since revealed as sun-kissed particles within magnetic poles
A spectral phenomenon from the Nordics to Greenland,
majestic as a fairy-tale, an odyssey of wonderland

Watching Mother earth birth polychromatic endorphins,
I’m stupefied by a canvas of elemental assortment
For some, it’s an enigma of mystique,
even Dali couldn’t produce art this unique

Vortexes of synergistic geophysical brilliance,
stretching thousands of miles with an illustrious appearance
Charismatic, with an opulent luminescence,
unequivocal evidence of a divine presence

God paints his masterpiece upon stratospheric easels,
it’s protective as a sanctuary; humanity’s cathedral
With a surrealistic marvel of aesthetics,
there’s waves of euphoria from optical anaesthetic

Recalling the pages of the cosmic brochure,
sadness follows it’s intoxicating allure
Envious of the fortunate to behold this magnificent sight,
oh, how I long for the glorious northern lights

– Drew Melton