Flashback Friday: The Beginning

Welcome readers to the first edition of Flashback Friday – the series where we take a look back at those older posts you may have missed (or possibly just didn’t give a shit about)…

First on our agenda today is Kitty: Puss in boots – a charming story which should appeal to both pussy-lovers and cat-lovers alike.

Next up we have Four Months in Brisbane: Arrival – a first-hand account of an international student’s struggles with settling into a new country.

Last of all we this writer’s own very first featured poem Realm of Kings – an impressionistic look at the fantasy land known as Bavaria.

So prepare your catnip, passports and beer-steins as we take you back to June

Kitty: Puss in boots


“My kitty cat had claws though. Puss was a hunter. She took down local endangered owls is the same breath she took out lizards. Trying to teach us silly humans to hunt. A bit more than a year old when we first met, Puss was my kind of monster. Agile and quick on her feet, but, her tail in the air, defenses down when we brought her food. She always looked you in the eyes with a gaze that told you she was exactly where she wanted to be…even if you had just stepped on her tail accidentally.”

Cats, cats, cats – how we all love them. And if you don’t, well shame on you! Those of us blessed enough to actually possess a heart can’t get enough of these fluffy little bundles of joy. Cute one minute, adorable the next; cats comfort us in those times when we need nothing more than to cuddle up to something soft and warm, and then bugger off just as quickly when they’ve grown tired of our shit.

Kitty: Puss in Boots is part of a series by Jai Reddy about his childhood companion and best four-legged buddy. What starts off as a cute story full of ‘nawwwwws’ quickly descends in an epic thriller of biblical proportions in which brother turns against brother and the dead march from the gates of HELL… well, not really. But the prominent theme of betrayal and eventual redemption between two best friends is sure to bring a tear to any reader’s eye.


Four Months in Brisbane: Arrival


“I have a tendency to sweep my struggles under the carpet but lately, I have been thinking that it is worth documenting. After all, not everyone shares the same journey as mine, some have it harder but I am going to look back at this on a later day and stay positive that life doesn’t always stay at a low. Ups and downs are part of our journey. It’s like the wise education agent said- “It takes four months for an international student to settle in.” Maybe four months was all I ever needed.”

Have you ever felt so lost and alone you just had to write a series of blog posts about your experience? Well apparently that’s exactly how Saranya Murugiah felt (yes, I did have to double check the spelling on that) when she began to document her journey as an International Student studying in the ancient young and mysterious simple metropolis city of Sydney Brisbane, Neverland Australia.

Saranya’s first few months in an unfamiliar setting is an eye-opening and deeply relatable experience to anyone who has likewise wanted nothing more than to fit in and find a friend. The next time you see that lonely kid in the playground: instead of beating him up and stealing his lunch money, consider giving him a warm and friendly ‘hello’ to make his day just a little brighter.

Realm of Kings


A fairytale brought back to life,
beyond the reach of worldly strife.
Where oaths of noble knights were sworn,
and myths and legends once were born.

Being the worldly gentleman that I am, I dare say that I have most likely traveled to more places than you have. If that sounds like I’m rubbing in your face, that’s because I am – deal with it, sucker!

Seriously though, I have enjoyed my adventures around the world and have found much inspiration for my writing. It’s hard to not feel the awe and grandeur of such marvels as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Wall of China, and all the other ‘Greats’ out there, and I hope very much to see them some day.

Of those places I have actually been to, Bavaria (that’s in Germany, FYI) stands out as a personal favourite of mine. As part of my Summer holiday back in 2016, I explored Western Europe and wrote a poem for each of of the cities and regions I visited.

There’s something quite mystical about traveling through Bavaria’s rolling green hills sprinkled with quaint little villages and ancient castles that really gets the creative juices flowing.


That’s all folks! We hope you’ll join us again for another edition of Flashback Friday coming your way very soon.


– J.S.Worth


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