The War Machine

Marching to the beat of royal war drums,
bands of invaders sail towards African slums
Another Yankee world tour, with talks of liberation,
for an unsolicited democracy, provoking obliteration

A Metastasized cancer of artillery cannons,
paupers of the east devoured by western dragons
Whispers of philanthropy shouted over with misanthropy,
the shadow government’s shielded by it’s bureaucratic canopy

Black budgets, a web of trillion-dollar deceit,
Shakespearean theater with taxpayer receipts
Drunken stupor from the wormwood of profit,
6 feet under, in military-industrial coffins

Coordinated operations, signatures of Halliburton and RAND,
a symbiotic relationship of supply and demand
Trans-national conglomerates of genocidal exporters,
engineering a revolving door of 3rd world extorters

Emasculating kings using globalist pawns,
conned by neo-cons, from Saigon to Babylon
Playing both sides like a double-neck guitar,
financing insurgencies in the land of Balthazar

Inundating the masses with geo-political propaganda,
murderers escape the Hague without hearing Mirandas
Arm-chair commandos directing Rambo scenes,
launching the wrath of the imperialist war machine

– Drew Melton