Merry Christmas, Honey

Merry Christmas honey,
It’s time for jolly fun.
I know you’re tired from everything,
there’s still so much undone.

Let’s hold on just a moment though;
a break for just a day.
I took the time to plan ahead
here’s what I have to say.

Let’s sleep in bed from morn till noon,
I know you need the rest.
I’ll get up first and grab some grub,
don’t bother getting dressed.

and after that we’ll chill at home,
it’s busy out today.
The streets are packed with merry folk
who just get in the way.

Then later on we shall depart
for dinner, me and you.
A plate to share of finest steak
or maybe even two.

Last week you asked me what is
I wanted for this year.
The only thing I thought of was
to love and hold you dear.

This holiday is not so big
a deal for both of us.
So we decided there was just
no need to make a fuss.

Merry Christmas!

– J.S.Worth


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