Each morning I expect a show,
neat poopsikins left in a row,
a sweet surprise to watch my toe,
how many times must I say ‘No!’

Oh brown eyed doll, what do you know,
as fluffy poof wags to-and-fro,
the world so big when you’re so low,
where is it that you’d like to go?

Adventure now, can you be brave?
Soft snuggles if you do behave.
If not, no nibbles that you crave,
alas, into your eyes I’ll cave.

Upon our quest, the others leer,
and so away from them I steer,
you’re safe with me, no need to fear,
you are a wuss, just to be clear.

Why are you scared of your own kind?
I promise that you wouldn’t mind,
If you would try, I’m sure you’d find,
they only want to sniff behind.

– J.S.Worth