Petal-Headed Girl

Greater things may come to those
who have the time to wait.
For Super Guy, he feels it best
to take control of fate.

He isn’t sure of what’s to come,
or even what he wants.
Heedless of the consequence,
he hunts for glazed croissants.

Though certain things have changed for him,
he’s still that Super Guy.
He only wants to share his life
with someone worth a try.

He wanders through the wilderness;
a garden full of weed.
Most in need of pruning,
looking just to spread their seed.

One of them is different though;
a flower in the mud.
She rises from the putrid stank
of shallow, sleazy crud.

Her petal dances in the wind
and floats towards the sky.
The sweeter scent of innocence
entices passersby.

A girl of simple elegance,
straightforward; quick to tell.
The sort he needs beside him now;
a different breed of gal.

The spell is spun by locking lips,
familiar in its twirl.
Super Guy is smitten with
this Petal-Headed Girl.

– J.S.Worth