Flashback Friday: Dating

Welcome back readers to another edition of:

Flashback Friday!

– the series where we tell you what to read and why, because you can’t be trusted to figure that out on your own.

Last time, we took you on a voyage all the way back to June where we examined fur balls; took a gander at instantly-forgettable cities; and then got drunk for some reason…

Today it’s more of the same and we’re returning to that most infamous of months – June! More specifically, we’ll be exploring the world of dating!

We have a veritable selection of posts which we know you missed – we keep a long list of exactly who is reading what and when; we do not forget and we do not forgive…

Without further ado, our first feature today comes from none other than the Queen Bee herself, Shareen Ali.

Shareen’s Dating!? is a cringeworthy retelling of a date gone wrong along with obvious do’s and oblivious don’ts which will leave you chuffing ‘I’ve been there too’.

Next up we have another story from our favourite International Student, Saranya with The One. Saranya seems to have joined the lonely hearts club this time as she contemplates what ‘the one’ really is.

Last but not least, we have Album Review: Lorde – Melodrama [2017]. If you’re wondering what that has to do with dating, well wouldn’t you like to date her? Maybe you wouldn’t, but someone out there probably does, right?




That cute, warm, fuzzy feeling we get inside. It’s the compliments, gazing into each other’s eyes, the smiles you just can’t wipe off your face. Colours seem brighter; flowers smell nicer and our old friend anger – He’s a foreigner that lives on another continent. We say ‘Hi’ to strangers in a chirpy voice and sing along off-key to bad love songs. All of the sudden you’re the happiest person that has ever walked the earth.

I’ve had some bad dates in my time, most of us have. I distinctly remember one date who turned out to be a crazy stalker obsessed with finding a foreign sugar-daddy, but this story isn’t about me, it’s about common-fucking-sense and basic table-manners!

I mean, does a person really need to be reminded not to talk with their mouth open? We live in a society, damnit! Then again, how bad could it get? Well, we’ll let Shareen fill you in on the rest of the details; just hang on to your napkins and prepare to pay the bill.


Obviously one has to expect a few bad-eggs when they wander too close to the hairy armpit that is the world of dating, and all of us at Bantaa91 wish Shareen the best of luck and a quick escape-route the next time she finds the courage and nose plugs to give it another shot…


The One


I remember reading an article once about finding someone. It made me think, what if the person you think is “the One” isn’t “the One”, and “the One” has been standing right next to you all these time? What if you have just been too blind to see it? The possibility that anyone can be The One is mind-boggling. Then, Katy Perry tells us we also have ‘the one that got away’. What do we do about them?

They say love is blind, and yet every dating app I’ve encountered encourages you to upload selfies. So then just what is love? Baby, don’t hurt me; don’t hurt me no more. It’s the age-old question that has been bothering this writer for the last five minutes…

Like Saranya, I too could ask Katy Perry, but I prefer not to take my advice straight from the horse’s mouth. Instead I’ve elected to hear-out Saranya herself as she contemplates the distinctions between ‘soulmate‘, ‘life partner‘ and ‘snap’.


Whatever Saranya decides she’s looking for, we hope she finds it a little closer to Earth.


Lorde – Melodrama [2017]


So you’ve had your bender. Snorted, smoked, fucked, drank and dropped everything you could get your hands on. Searched high and low for a way out. The green light isn’t ever really found, not like this anyway. You’ve lived out the mini life-cycle of a party where you are born in the beginning of the night and everything is exciting, drama unfolds and then you’ve come back down.

Love her; hate her; don’t even know who she is: whatever your persuasion, we can all appreciate the human jukebox known as Lorde.

Jai’s album review delves into his own chaotic thoughts stirred up by each track of the album and takes us on a wild ride through the fields of Green Light and Homemade Dynamite. This writer had to pause midway to check that he was in fact reading an album review.


Here’s to you, Lorde (or Randy Marsh?) – may you always inspire album reviews as intense and bewildering as this one…


Thanks for stopping by again, and stay tuned for the next Flashback Friday heading your way.

To leave you with one final thought from the guru of love, Frank Sinatra:

Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.



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