Petal in the Clouds

Some live their lives in apathy;
uncertain; without hope.
They drown themselves in sinful needs
to find a way to cope.

Should fortune smile upon these fools
they may yet find their way.
For Super Guy it seems he’s found
a girl who lights the day.

She fills his heart with hope again
he feels alive once more.
Those nights alone are in the past
she’s what he’s waiting for.

Her smile is one of innocence;
a sparkle in her eye.
She spreads her joy to all around
and never ponders why.

It’s just the sort of girl she is,
her kindness is a gift.
For such a fool as Super Guy
she fills that empty rift.

Alas their paths must part at last,
it’s hard to say goodbye
She’s lifted by the Summer breeze
and floats up to the sky.

As she rises through the mist
she blows a final kiss.
He cannot help but shed a tear
for everything he’ll miss.

Concealed within the stratosphere;
the heavens’ holy shrouds.
He prays to see her face again,
that petal in the clouds.

– J.S.Worth


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