Arabian Nights

Oh loaded heart full of grief
l walk heavily bent down
With the weight of my existence
Tread lightly I forsake thee
As I try to lull myself
With my ancestral Arabian lullabies
Where from my Arabian nights
All stars from their skies
Have been stolen
All its magic drowned
All dreams and delusions died
Sweet fruits of love stripped
From the ground uprooted depraved
Butchered, shunned, crazed
Slain and enslaved
By fear of war and destruction
In forgotten far away homelands


يا قلبي الممتلىء بالاحزان/ ثقلت خطاى في الحياة رفقا بحالى/ اهدهد نفسى بالقوافى العربية/ فى الليالى العربية/ التى ماتت فيها كل الأحلام/ كل الأوهام/ كل مذاقات الحب ماتت/ على يد الخوف و الدمار/ فى الأوطان البعيدة المنسية

– Essama Chiba


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