A Winter Fountain Faery

The moon rose slowly with soft light,
full orange on a cloudless sky.
Winters first freeze laced the land with glitter like In a dream,
and the branches heavy so leaned.

The fountain had been turned off,
yet the bowl full and frozen white.
A faery queen falls from a moonbeam
took her place there with great delight.

Her gown made from spun moon shine
gold from the heavens above,
Her size no bigger than a teardrop there
and the glitter now her skating rink dust.

Serena heard a tiny giggle
as she moved to her window there,
And saw such a tiny faery on her butt
in knowing her accident now shared.

Oh my she whispered !
Then worked to get back on her feet.
She looked all about and brushed at her gown
and gold glitter did flee.

She had a small wand within her hand
and suddenly waved it all around,
and spoke like smooth honey upon the wind
suddenly their were many on the fountain skating about.

Tiny moonbeams steamed like a spotlight shared,
magical it was as through the frosted window I shared.
My eyes grew large as one fluttered close,
and left a tiny faery kiss on the pane then I watched it grow.

The pane opened like a porthole,
and I found myself dressed in gold.
I was lifted by a pair of wings,
none like I had ever seen.

Before I knew it, upon the fountain
I was skating and a giggle I released,
as I turned I woke and rushed to the window
and breathless I whispered I knew it and I believe.

As the sun began to rise
and her mom came in the room she saw,
her daughter dressed in a faery gown
and sparkles on the floor bed and window and walls.

What is this you must have had quite a dream
as such a beautiful way to wake.
But as her daughter rose from her bed
her faery wings were displayed.

Oh my her mother gasped
now what is going on?
But in a blink of her eyes as her daughter fully woke,
the faery wings were gone.

– Patty DeGroff