Militis Vulneratus (The Wounded Knight)…

I. Caenum platearum

Let us first sing to Annihilation and Creation will follow our path.
How can there be a New Beginning, if there’s no horrific end.

Fire is antagonist,
To Water.
Water is antagonist,
To Fire.
Amidst all this,
Ice is a betrayer.
And I am Ice.

II. Apocalypsis

Ice is all around me,
Red with frozen blood.
Angels; do hear my plea,
Drown me in this flood,
The ichor of my clan.

III. Retrospectivus

The horses were all prepared,
Our blades were all sharpened.
We left our castle on Modraniht’s eve,
Cantering towards south.

My thoughts were all ablaze;
Like the fiery torch,
That guided us that gloomy night.
A billow of dust covered me,
Like a mother’s tender palms.

IV. Cunabula

For your sake my motherland,
I shall raise my arms today.
For your sake my motherland,
I’ll let my ideals stray.
For your sake my motherland,
My brothers will taste betray.

V. Proditione

The tired horses refused to stroll,
So, we halted for the night.
All went to the snowy knoll,
While I was left with my plight.
My head felt so heavy,
I feel on my knees sobbing.

VI. Attonitus

Blood must rain today,
From the bloody Heaven.
As I crush down their sleepy skull,
Preparing a dish for the ravens.

Their look so aghast, so amazed,
To see their own blood flow.
Their faces; so dazed,
Oh; what a moment of woe.

– Devesh Dubey