Subpar ER

“Enflamed rotator cuff
with MS complications”,
the grumpy doctor, she did write
In her accredited summations.

When the patient tech arrived
to explain the discharge to me,
she would not take the time
to explain it absolutely.

I was overwhelmed, and was
quite unable to process
the disrespect and stubbornness
shown a brain-injured ER guest.

With the words “I can’t do this”,
the patient tech disappeared.
I couldn’t get the doctor back,
and thought all of this quite weird.

I pressed for Nurse and tech came back.
(I hoped I could go home fast.)
I tried to get some answers due
to the lack of civility…at last.

Tech talked at me again, this time
she took the prescriptions and left.
I didn’t even know they were gone
until I gave the papers redress.

I wanted my questions answered,
and to be treated like a human.
I began to cry and called a friend
who I’d hoped would stick it to them!

Friend arrived and they talked to her
before I could happily spite,
exchanged my personal info
when I never told them “It’s all right”.

When I left I still hadn’t signed
to make sure insurance paid.
We had to call to the charge nurse,
hoping they’d be stayed

from hurting others as they hurt me,
and to voice all my complaints.
This nurse could only do so much,
attributing policy constraints.

I would have to take the following day
to register my humiliation;
something I do not want to do,
feeling the subjugation.

Now I am happily at home
trying to put them out of mind.
The rejection trying to eat right through
any peace that I can find.

I’m attempting to make some sense of how
I was moronically treated.
I’ve decided that I don’t care,
for they are no longer needed.

– Vanja LaVoie


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