Mocking Own-self

Life is drilling like a mocktail
sometimes in natural love
sometimes catastrophic dilemmas pinch in brain
locking the heart
like a layer unknown
fabricated with outer joy
relishing the inner world thirsty grass
untug with imagination
brewed with toasting coffee mug
cheers of cocktails
mocking own-self…
lamenting like laughing ocean
dancing at the top of wheel
parking beauty within scintillating beast
hovering clouds
coloring mind fickle kiss unknowing to unknowns
missing heart at the dawn…
lost in dusk a smoke…puff
peg cheers
another peg cheers
sleeping via coctail…
fast pace…
masking beautifully..
one more…that’s better..
sleeping anytime…
hell or heaven both coincide…
forgetting slowly..what is your name?
aah,,,,,,,,,,,,, lost……..
now reality is missing
gone in loop of dreams…

– Ravindra Kumar Nayak


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