The Dry Man Cometh (2)

Have you seen the dry man?
Or don’t you even care?
No more confined to just my room,
I see him everywhere.

In day or night he follows me,
And yet no answer why.
I close my eyes and wish him gone,
yet still remains close by.

I ask around but no one knows,
am I the only one?
Haunted by the dry man’s gaze,
the spell can’t be undone.

That maddened toothless grin of his,
I dare not even look.
What fool I was to summon him;
to read aloud that book.

A night remembered long ago,
now is my deep regret.
Approaching now; won’t leave me be;
comes to collect a debt.

He’s closer now, I feel it so,
he claws inside my head.
What did I do to earn this hell,
I wish if I were dead.

Do you feel him scratching?
It’s easy, don’t you know?
I promise if you close your eyes,
inside your head he’ll grow.

Is he there?

– J.S.Worth


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