Hellbound (3)

Since our last encounter,
which didn’t go so well.
I find myself now in the depths,
of chaos-laden hell.

A chasm burns with savage heat,
fuelled by the newly dead.
The air is filled with noxious gas,
mixed with the screams of dread.

My every inch is ridden with,
disease and plagues of old.
This torment overwhelming me,
my mind will surely fold.

The demons taunt me endlessly,
they say this is my fate.
I wonder if I can repent,
or if it is too late.

As I wade through rivers deep,
of tainted bloody gore.
I search in vain for an escape,
from pain I can’t ignore.

And yet one thought sustains me still,
a goal for which I’m set.
To find the one who sent me here,
revenge will be mine yet.

I seek a lonesome traveler,
who roams these ravaged lands.
He’s ancient and mysterious,
with crimson-steel hands.

Rumour tells of such a being,
with eyes as black as coal.
He grants a single wish to those,
who trade with him their soul.

– J.S.Worth


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