Day 3: Subjugation

Almost three full Earth-days had passed since the onset of the invasion and T had maintained his solitary post in the command ship the entire time. His kind had long since evolved beyond the need for either rest or sleep, and the command-chair provided him with all the sustenance his biological parts required in order to function at pique efficiency.

List after list of figures rolled down the holographic projection before him in rapid succession. He analysed each in painstaking detail and yet at such speed that an observer might have been forgiven for thinking he had not interpreted them at all. In between each list’s analysis, T would compile and direct his own set of instructions based on the data to whichever division of the fleet he deemed necessary.

No two planetary invasions ever transpired the same way. Each planet and its native fauna presented a unique set of variables and challenges. On more than one occasion, an initial strike force had been repelled by an underestimated planetary defense system and T had been forced to push his already overworked mind into overdrive in order to adapt and overcome the tactics and technology of the over-zealous locals. It was a credit to his breeding that he remained ultimately undefeated, and with each victory his fleet grew more and more efficient at carrying out its task.

It was tedious work to observe the process of planet-wide warfare from the analysis of data reports, but for T it was his singular reason for existence. The foot soldiers had their purpose, and he had his. It wasn’t as if he minded of course; the command capsule supplied him with everything he would ever need, and the notion of individual desire was not a concept familiar to his breed.

Overall, the reports were positive; the majority of the planet had been subjugated, or else exterminated. The Earthlings had put up an impressive fight for such a primitive species, but they were still well outmatched. What few pockets of resistance remained may fight on a little while longer, but they were far from a threat and would be eliminated before too long.

T opened a com-link to deliver his final report and another hideous form appeared on the hologram before him, though this one was distinct from T’s own featureless face – not stretched thin as his own was but bulbous and slimy with pale-green skin. Gelatinous lips protruded beneath a pair of pin-point eyes which gave the thing the appearance of a waterlogged amphibian.

The toad-like creature listened as T listed off his analysis with a rapid sequence of clicking sounds and mechanical whirring noises. His duties completed, T paused to await his next assignment. The toad-thing said nothing but instead parted its lips in a grueling leer to reveal a set of needle-shaped teeth. It made a low grunting sound as it did so, which may have been laughter, as if in on a joke only it understood.

Suddenly the control chair sprung into motion; cables detaching themselves from T’s torso and a hidden chute opened beneath him. What reservations T may have had about being relieved of his duties before dropping down into the dark chasm below was anyone’s guess, but just as suddenly as it had occurred, the chamber reset itself…


It was dark, silent and cold.

As the lights powered on again, a hatch in the wall opened to unload a fresh bio-engineered monstrosity. Freed from its capsule, the being strode towards the command chair with subtle elegance upon its bipedal form. As with its predecessor, its face bore none of the standard facial features which we would deem humanoid; dry skin stretched over the regions where one might have imagined a mouth, nose, and ears should be, and two mechanical eyes starred ahead with indecipherable scrutiny.

This creature possessed disparate features from its predecessor in other ways too, apart from its number of eyes and method of locomotion. The most notable was to be seen of its torso, which even an amateur in anatomy would have identified as female, by our standards at least.

Designated by the 20th letter of her people’s alphabet, ‘T’ commanded the likewise designated fleet. Bred and designed for a single purpose, T locked herself into the command chair with apparent indifference to what had occurred only moments before.

It was time to proceed with phase 2…

– J.S.Worth



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