Legend of the Dry Man (4)

Have you seen the dry man?
His work is never done.
For now at last I understand,
what once were many – one.

The curse demands he hunt us all,
his hunger never fed.
When opened up, he spoke to me,
I’ll tell you what he said.

“Make peace with the nightmare.
You can join it too.
Together we are so much more;
can never be too few.”

“I have seen the future;
destructive mortal-haste.
My offer is eternal life,
why let it go to waste?”

The change is now upon me.
I feel it in my soul.
Where once my bleeding heart beat strong,
is nothing but a hole.

There’s just a little time left,
until my work begins.
So take my word, this last advice,
and give into your sins.

Have you heard my warning?
Do you understand?
If you do, I come for you,
just reach out take my hand.

Behind you!

-J.S Worth


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