Feed The Beast

Some people lead a balanced life
of love, and work, and play.
And some may even understand,
just what I have to say.

Outwardly you’d never guess,
what thoughts consume my mind.
To you I’m just another guy;
most normal that you’ll find.

But when alone I feel an itch,
there’s something not quite right.
It rises up from deep below,
a lust I cannot fight.

Something stirs within myself;
a darker side of me.
A Beast contained until the night,
just longing to be free.

Behind the scenes there are some clues,
like skin-tight black latex.
My life is torn between two worlds,
one average; one of sex.

We stalk the depths within the web;
the sickest types of porn.
My lust demands I view it all,
until I’m tired and worn.

Hunky hulks and busty broads,
I’ll take what I can get.
Bondage flicks and hidden cams,
you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Beast approaches with the night,
it’s clawing at its pen.
Another chance to feed my urge
and let him loose again.

– J.S.Worth


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