Showers in September

Oh the winds blow rapid and rain falls relentless

Life long fluctuations in scattering gusts

Signs once upright now bent side to side

Shattered branches penetrating glass shields

The voice of anger and scorn comes crashing out her valley of soul

Destruction is surrounding her every reality

Then, it is still for a brief

Though the end is not yet near

Hear the rumbles and the the cracks in once expressionless gazes

Lashing out in lightning strikes across the void to illuminate your face with concern

Now the rain comes, drizzling in slow melodic succession then into an ugly cry form her eyes

The muffled sobs now, thundering cries cries for help

What was once composed nature is now a chaotic release of pain and sorrow across the East shoulder

The heat and pain withstood through a black hood

Flood waters staining the exterior, with high humid winds battling through to the interiors

No. There was no running. Contrarily this experience was embraced

When it was over there was clear sky and a smile on her face.

I’m glad I stayed

– Michael McPherson


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