Can you hear me? See your eyes
Through the darkness, hypnotised
I need you to take me, feel me
I want you to wake me, love me

Whenever the sky turns ruby red, crazed thoughts consume my brain
Whenever the moon’s high in the sky I smell the fear and rain
This prison I have built myself with all the places I could hide
No air in my lung; I cannot breathe; now in the dark I panic inside

Your voice is like a lullaby but here I’m stuck awake
All my life spent trying to find you, all of the night and all of the day
Will you think of me? Do I belong to you? Is this real or hologram?
Am I in your constellations or am I just a grain of sand?

The faces and the blood still haunt me; the fault be mine; I can’t escape
My alien eyes will try to reach you; my soul will rot and waste
You change me into something new; you shine and you are bright

You can have all of my tears; take all my love and all my light

– Timea Kiss


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